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Rachel Mautner is a luxury residential interior designer who serves Chicago and Los Angeles.  She works hard to deliver unparalleled, personal attention to each of her clients. Rachel takes it upon herself to know her clients’ personal tastes to design each room as a unique as they are.

Additionally, Mautner adds her own perspective to every project whilst ensuring the client’s budgetary and aesthetic needs are top priority. 

At age 21, Rachel Mautner launched her own design studio and has been the vanguard to a new wave of millennial interior designers. 

Her keen eye for color, textiles, fabrics, and furniture have proven themselves as an invaluable asset time and time again. Her work has spanned from small condominiums to multi-million dollar homes with each space complete with the client in mind and a story to be told. Mautner also has access to the expertise of contractors and real-estate professionals, whom she has carefully vetted, to accommodate the level of concierge style service her clients have come to know and expect.